Kalliola Settlement Activities

Civic and Voluntary Activities

The backbone of the 90-year-old Kalliola has always been the vibrant civic activities. Pasila community house and other meeting points provide opportunities for spending time together and sharing communal activities from various hobbies to volunteering. Volunteers can among other things help mediate crimes and disputes, teach elderly people computer skills, be a support person for people in various phases of life, work with young people in the youth centres and tutor different kinds of groups.

Kalliola Adult Learning Centre

Kalliola Adult Learning Centre is an open, small, private, humane and lively community college. Its main principles are individuality and humanity. Kalliola Adult Learning Centre offers courses in the following subject areas: languages, sports and dance, body expression, visual arts and applied arts, articulacy, cultural and societal studies, information technology, practical skills, self knowledge and life skills. Kalliola Patron’s Association maintains the Kalliola Adult Learning Centre.

Child Welfare

Kalliola Settlement maintains ten private child welfare institutions. They are Kalliola Youth Home, Kalliola Reception Home and 6 other youth homes called Hirvikallio, Kilo, Lintuvaara, Matari, Mäkirinne, Saunalahti and Tiirakallio (Ankkuri and Luotsi). Kalliola Reception Home consists of a reception department and an enhanced family unit. All Kalliola Settlement’s child welfare institutions have an emphasis on the values of Kalliola and that the staff has confidence in young people as the experts of their own affairs.

Youth Work

The Kalliola Settlement youth work forms its own association. The registered association Kalliola Youth is a politically and religiously detached youth organisation reaching the young people in the metropolitan area. Its activities include afterschool clubs, youth camps, Kivikko Youth House, Girls House, employment services and other development projects.

Substance Misuse Care

In Kalliola substance misuse care one has the possibility to once again obtain a healthy, addiction-free way of life. The person is able to make decisions that are no longer affected by drug or alcohol abuse. This goal is attained by offering an opportunity to join a community whose members all share the same experience and understanding of drug addiction.

Alcohol and drug rehabilitation is administered in treatment groups keeping the individuals needs in mind. The methods used are peer support, community care and 12-step AA and NA programs. The after-care network comes together already during the treatment. If possible, and there is a need for it, friends and relatives can also take part in the treatment. Nursing and medical professionals co-operate with Kalliola social work to provide the best possible care.

The Kalliola clinic Myllyhoito in Kauniainen offers a possibility to recover from the misuse with the help of 12-step programs, community support and rehabilitation professionals.

Kalliola outpatient and aftercare unit operates outpatient treatments for both of these clinics. In addition the clinics in Kauniainen and K-road have follow-up treatments as part of the whole. In Kauniainen you can also receive family treatment.

Vahvasti tukien (Strongly supporting) is a project (2009-2012), which is developing a rehabilitation program called VAHVAT (strong) for metropolitan area substance misusers released from prison.

Services for Senior Citizens

Kalliola Settlement services for elderly consists of exercise, Adult Learning Centre courses and IT-tutoring. In addition, Kalliola civic activities offer a variety of activities suitable for senior citizens. In Kalliola Learning Centre there are many different courses specifically tailored for the elderly. Kalliola Senior Service Foundation (Kalliolan Senioripalvelusäätiö) provides exercise services in the sports centre

Kuntokeidas Sandels in the suburb of Töölö. The activities in Kuntokeidas Sandels are focused on helping elderly people maintain and rehabilitate a healthy fitness level, so that they can continue to live at home and independently manage their day-to-day chores. Sandels has a gym for senior citizens as well as a pool area with sauna.
The information technology tutoring centre aims to prevent older people from being excluded from the modern information society and to develop their computer skills. This is achieved with peer support based
IT-courses, where slightly more advanced computer users volunteer in teaching others. Helsinki has three IT-tutoring centres and 20 trained peer volunteers.

Services for the Disabled

Kalliola maintains a group home called Jatko for the severely physically disabled. This group home is the permanent home of six young adults, who have been severely physically disabled since they were born. Kalliola also provides daytime activities for disabled.